Cost-Effective Financing Your Weight Loss Journey

Getting ready to lose weight?

There’s actually a lot of truth hidden behind all the glamor and admiration when it comes to the most popular weight loss programs. For one thing, most of them are too expensive. 

Most people who sign up for weight loss programs do not actually grasp the costs that come with it, especially for popular programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and even Medifast. It is because you won’t know the total costs of the whole program until you’re already committed and deeply invested.

Adding the fact that most insurance companies do not cover weight loss programs, you could end up paying more than you should and losing more than just your weight. This is because most insurance companies view these programs as elective procedures.

So, before you start your journey to lose weight, you should look for a weight loss program that is tailored to your needs while remaining cost-effective. Nowadays, it is easier to find these cost-effective programs because of the recent approval of a new class of weight loss medication.

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Here’s a clear guide to understanding how your current insurance covers weight loss programs.

Employers make choices regarding the prescription benefits available to their employees. If your company's plan does not currently cover medications for obesity treatment, don't lose hope. You have the option to request coverage with the support of your healthcare provider.

To determine if weight management and obesity medications are covered by Medicaid in your state, you should get in touch with your state's Medicaid office. Keep in mind that Medicaid programs in each state make individual decisions about which prescription drugs are included in their coverage.

In specific cases, your plan offers coverage for this medication. To assess coverage availability, your healthcare provider can initiate a coverage review. We encourage you to reach out to your Military Treatment Facility or Tricare Network provider for a discussion.

Contact your insurance provider to inquire about your eligibility for plan upgrades or add-ons.

Regrettably, Medicare does not provide coverage for medications aimed at treating obesity. However, there might be certain Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans designed for retirees that include such coverage. If you are enrolled in one of these plans, it's advisable to get in touch with the plan's administrator for further information

The VA offers coverage for obesity management. Visit your nearby Veterans Administration provider's office to explore available options for obesity medications.

If you are employed by the city, state, or federal government, consider consulting your benefits manager to inquire about coverage options for obesity medications.

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Flexible Financing with Cherry

Split big costs into smaller monthly payments with Cherry payment plans! Choose from 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 month payment plans, with 0% APR for qualifying patients. No hidden costs or fees, and applying does not impact your credit score.

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What They Really Cost​

Cost of Popular Weight Loss Programs

Medical Consult

$ 800 - 1,000 per Month
  • Regular consultations with a nutritionist or dietician

Major Surgery

$ 25,000 and Up
  • Weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, gastric banding or stomach stapling.

Diet Programs

$ 1,000+ per Month
  • Popular weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Medifast

Other Methods

$ 5,000 - 10,000 and Up
  • Fat-freezing, red-light therapy and body contouring med spas

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